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Build Contest Winners

Eudaemonea a posted Mon at 13:37
Sorry we didn't get this posted yesterday like we intended to.  Here is the list of winners for the build contest:

1: schraderbrau - Donator 3
2: dzbloks123 - Donator 2
3: sinsatara & dtplaysmc1999 - Donator 1

We had a tie for 3rd place with the votes split 50/50 on which one did a better job.  If you built in the contest and want to keep your plots, please let me know by THURSDAY night.  Friday morning I will tell the Sappers to clean that world up for me.  If you want to keep your plot, we will relocate it out of the build contest world over to the random free build area.

Winners can apply their new donation rank to either server.  Please just contact me to let me know which server you want it applied to.  If you are already a donator, the rank will stack with what you currently have.


All plots in the four promotion worlds (Novice, Apprentice, Designer, Artist) no longer will purge after 31 days.  Since those areas are now restricted access, and the maps won't be junked up with crap builds constantly, I figured there's not much reason to keep them purging.  We may readd it for a 60 or 90 day period if we see plots sitting there inactive for long periods of time but for now, it's just shut off.

This does NOT change for the themed/free build areas.  Your plots WILL reset after 31 days if they're inactive. 

Website will be updated to reflect the new change.
Donation Shop is now updated to include the new custom islands and donator perks for Skyblock.  The Shop is separated by Creative and Skyblock tabs at the top of that page.  Just toggle between which shop you want to access.  I made sure to go through and rename things "Creative" or "Skyblock" also since the rank names are the same between the two servers (Donator 1, 2, etc).  Make sure that you are on the correct server's shop!!!

Previous donators have until the 30th to let me know if they want their donation moved from Creative to Skyblock. On the 1st, I will no longer move the donations around.

Kits will also become available around the 1st for a substantially lower cost.  The kits will be on a 7 day timer most likely and have a LOT of stuff in each of them.  I'm thinking these will be $5 and $10 per kit depending on how many items are in each of them.  The lists are already made for the kits, I just have to sit down and look up item id's for everything and format it in game and on website. 

Also from now until April 30th, you can use coupon code JELLYBEANS to receive 25% off your donation for both servers :)

Thanks for the patience guys...sorry it took me so long

Skyblock Updates

Eudaemonea a posted Apr 14, 14
This server is kind of being built -- backwards lol.  We tossed it on it's own server, running permissions from Creative to just get it going and I've been working my way slowly through updating everything.

I'm pleased to announce that I *should* have it all finished by the 15th like I originally said I'd shoot for.  Today I got the Donator 1-4 custom islands finished and you can go to spawn to see what they look like.  The website won't have updated info for those just yet though but the permissions are all there and functional.  I think you guys will be happy with it all though :)

Now keep in mind, those custom islands are for when you START an island.  If you're already well into your island, you probably won't want to backtrack.  But! if you ever get the urge to wipe and start over, you might want to check them out.  They are......kinda ridiculous lol

I will also be working on custom kits that you can buy separately... but that may not be finished by the 15th.  I'd say it's probably closer to the 1st on those, since I have some stuff I need to build ASAP that I have to prioritize before those kits for another project we need finished for the network before 1.8 comes out.  Just bare with me.  It's just me working on things :p

I should have the website updated with donator ranks by Tuesday.  If not, then no later than Friday.  Thanks for the patience!


New Staff Rank - Sapper

Eudaemonea a posted Apr 12, 14
We're pleased to announce that we've added a new rank to our Staff positions.  With all the recent changes to who has access to what, we also realized that part of the staff's frustration was coming from players that inadvertently build in the wrong locations - either on purpose or on accident.  Our maps were cluttered, messy and overall just not very appealing to look at in some areas.  Mostly this was seen in the first promotion world but we also get a spattering of this in the themed areas.

CV and Val picked out the rank name.  You can see what a Sapper is here.  They are basically in charge of keeping the plot world maps cleaned up and functional for new players.  If you see something you feel is in the wrong world, not appropriate for the server or otherwise breaks a rule that is build specific, they are the two to go to. 

They also have the ability to temp ban, mute, kick and jail you just like a moderator.  They will use this primarily in conjunction with the map cleanups but if you're misbehaving in general, they will take care of that too.

They are a hybrid staff member.  Half Moderator/Half Inspector.  However, they will NOT inspect your plot for promotions.  That is still reserved for Inspectors.

Their in game tag is [Sapper]

Take a moment to congratulate them both on their promotions!
[Adm] Urchindabomb congrats cv and val
well poop... i'll be on the laptop a few days. looks like my desktop just died
taking the night offf... have fun guys
New Donator Islands for Skyblock = ridiculous
Dance potions?! Get on it Mojang :d [link]
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